Lancaster anti-supermarket protest camp

Angry residents occupy proposed supermarket site  

This morning Lancaster residents moved on to council owned land in Scotforth –
the site of a proposed supermarket, rumoured to be Tesco’s. Locals are shocked
by secret moves in the Council’s Cabinet to sell off land at Lawson Bridge, off
the A6. Their message: they will not allow the council to sell off their town
for what they call “dodgy development”.

Says local resident Deirdre Mason: “The council may love the idea of Tesco’s,
Centros Miller and the Bailrigg Science Park, but local residents are concerned
about the threat to local businesses and the unique character of the city!
These developments will be the death of Lancaster. Time to say ENOUGH! to all
these sordid schemes. Let’s send a clear message to all these developers: they
are not welcome in our town.”

The occupation will last for 24 hours and will be followed by a protest outside
the Cabinet meeting tomorrow (Tuesday 9th Oct) at Lancaster Town Hall from
9.30am onwards.

Residents are concerned about the way the Council is selling off Lancaster
piecemeal, leading to a town crippled by gridlock, and having only “clone town”
shops that are to be found in any high street in the country. “The council is
blinkered when it comes to recognising the historical value of our town, the
vibrancy and high quality of the local traders.” says Stephen Dickinson of
Scotforth. “They sold off our market – it’s now half dead. Now they want to see
off the rest of the town centre with Centros Miller’s proposed monstrosity and
this mega supermarket in Scotforth. The time has come to say ‘Enough!’. It’s
time for our councillors to listen to us!”


For further information please contact Deirdre Mason at the protest camp on:
07798 745613

Photo opportunities:
Mon 1pm at the protest camp, Lawsons Bridge, Scotforth Road, Lancaster
Tuesday 10am at Lancaster Town Hall

Notes for the Editor:
1 The land threatened by supermarket development and currently under occupation
is near Lawson’s Bridge, between the railway line and the A6 (Scotforth Road).
Lancaster City Council owns about 5.5acres there, immediately to the south of
Ray’s Drive.

2 The land is currently rented to a farmer for use as pasture. It is also well
used by Scotforth residents for dog-walking and other kinds of recreation, and
there is a community woodland area at the northern end which is threatened by
the development.

3 Lancaster Council Cabinet will be discussing the proposed sale in their
Cabinet meeting on Tuesday, 9th October. The meeting takes place at Lancaster
Town Hall at 10am.