Important Features of a Good Payment Gateway

by Rachit Arora

With the growing buzz of e-commerce business in a platform of internet, a good payment gateway has become a major tool in bringing out the transactions with much ease, sending credit card information to the customers and authorizes the whole process of purchasing and selling. A good payment gateway integration allows your company to offer your customers a good experience in making the payment with confidence by using credit card, debit card, electronic check and allow them to buy products from all over the world.

By integrating a good payment gateway in your online business it will not only make your sales robust but it will also make your handling of transactions with a tight security. While integrating a good payment in your online business there are important features which you need to know as these will definitely give you a good impact in producing an excellent service. These important features are as follows :-

Multiple payment options
This feature will improves your business efficiency of handling many tasks in a wider range and fulfill the needs of your customers. It will make your clients able to pay your products or services through their selected payment gateways like PayPal,, Google Checkout and various other online payment gateways.

Efficient customer support team

Presence of efficient customer support team in your business will spark the image and quality of your business service. Providing 24 hours service to your customers with technical support and customer assistance, will make them feel comfortable, reliable and trust your business in making a purchase regardless of what the distance will be.

Fraud screening features
The Payment gateway enables your business to track misuse of credit card or debit card and screen fraud purchases. It will minimize such malpractices to a great extent that it will protect you from suspicious transactions and larger charge back costs. Further, this will alert merchants on any fraudulent representation and prevent it for about 80 to 90%.

Secured server
Having a secured server to handle and record the confidential information of your customers will enhance the efficiency of your service and the accuracy of your approach in dealing with multiple requirements and tasks of your customers. This will give a sense of security to your business in increasing the growth of large scale business.

Features of free add-on
Free add on features should be provided to make your online business easier in operating and monitoring. These features will help you to prevent wasting of money while making a payment in individual fees as well as provide a rich experience of confidence. Some examples of add on features are recurring bill, shopping cart, virtual terminals and quickboooks.

User-friendly and speedy in processing
Last but not the least, make sure that your payment gateway is user friendly and speedy in processing. As this will save your and customer’s time and make your business to operate more easier. This will attract more visitors to have a glance at your business.

Integrating a good payment gateway in your online business by considering some of these important features indicated above will make your online business reach the level of recognition with a good reputation. Therefore, the more your products and services get acknowledged for its effectiveness, the more you can generate sales and build a good relationship with your customers. A good payment gateway is an essential tool in the electronic transactional process between customers, business and the banking institutions.

This post is shared by Rachit Arora. He works as an E-Marketing Executive for Invoicera, an Online invoicing and time tracking software.