Finding The Right Affiliate Opportunity

by Justin Freid

Affiliate marketing can be a great way to make extra cash, and if done correctly it can be set up to run and not consume all of your attention. But finding that niche industry to work in is the toughest spot. Here are a couple of tips to help you get off on the right foot of affiliate marketing.

Find The Right Industry
Spend time researching industries. You will want to find an industry that people would head to search engines to find services and products for. You also want to make sure your industry is not already saturated with affiliates. Industries like insurance, payday loans and education are over saturated with competitors. Ranking organically for search terms in these industries can be difficult. Take some time and search around on Google and Bing for industries that look like you will be able to rank for high traffic terms.

Pick The Right Product
You will want to find a product that potential site visitors will buy and you will also want the payout to be high as well. This combination may be hard to find but if you spend enough time looking through sites like and, you should be able to find something that works.

Create A Landing Page
Don’t just send your visitors to a page full of content, send them to a landing page where your conversion path is optimized and obvious. Make sure your call to action is clear and above the fold. You will want to test traffic from organic result before jumping to adwords and other paid traffic sources. Get your conversion path down first, then move to paid traffic.

Work With Your Affiliate Network
If you do not have the skills to design a landing page reach out to the seller of the product you are promoting. Many affiliate networks have landing page templates you can utilize. And if you begin to send tons of traffic and conversions to the affiliate network you are working with, don’t be afraid to negotiate the percentage of the sales you are getting. Remember, you are making them money as well and they would rather keep you then lose you to a competitor.

If you are just starting out in affiliate marketing the above tips can help you tremendously. Follow them and you will succeed.

Justin Freid is the founder and CEO of Front Street Consulting, a Philadelphia SEO Company. Front Street offers SEM, SEM and general business consulting to start-ups and emerging businesses.