Heavy Metals, Vaccines, and Your Health

Catherine J. Frompovich
Activist Post

Recently, news reports surfaced that a different type of forensic test on body tissues of a deceased celebrity reveals that she probably was poisoned rather than having died of natural disease causes as originally stated in 2009, i.e., pneumonia and anemia. Actress Brittany Murphy’s father persevered and followed through in his quest to find his daughter’s actual cause of death. The story is told here.

Brittany’s husband, Simon Monjack, coincidentally died five months after her death, apparently suffering from a similar fate.

The toxicology tests, which Angelo Bertolotti, Brittany’s father pursued, indicated there were 10 heavy metals with load levels higher than what the World Health Organization considers high levels. She was poisoned by heavy metal toxicity! According to Julia Davis’s report on examiner.com, where the heavy metal test results conducted by The Carlson Company, LLC, were published, Brittany’s body tissue (hair) contained exorbitant amounts of the following heavy metals. I have estimated how many times higher Brittany’s hair values were than the Carlson’s stated high value limits:

  • Aluminum: more than 9.24 times above what is considered high levels
  • Manganese: more than 4.19 times higher
  • Copper: more than 1.11 times higher
  • Selenium: more than 2.08 times higher
  • Tin: more than 4.55 times higher
  • Antimony: almost two times higher
  • Barium: more than 2.48 times higher
  • Platinum: more than 1,687.50 times higher!
  • Uranium: 4 times higher

Any one of the above heavy metals could have done enough damage to Brittany’s body to cause health concerns, but when ten heavy metals were lodged in the organism simultaneously, the body burden became lethal and Brittany succumbed to the cumulative toll each contributed to the body, something much of modern medicine seems reluctant to recognize and deal with, especially since some metals, like aluminum and ethylmercury, are ingredients in pharmacology.

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