A Half Dozen Jobs That Your Business Should Outsource

by BuyerZone

It’s an era in which people have moved from being specialists who can handle anything well inside of the area of their concentration to being their own best resource for most tasks. Whether they are their own best resource or not is debatable in several realms.

Outsource the Number-Based Functions

1. Accounting

It takes a certain predisposition to be able to concentrate well on numbers all day long. Not everyone is as orderly and meticulous as the average accountant, especially where numbers are concerned. Let bean counters, as accountants are derisively called, be bean counters, while you focus on keeping your customers happy and returning. A returning customer will keep the sales numbers flowing in so that both you, and your accountant, are kept happy.

2. Customer Service

Once a fledgling business has reached a certain size, it’s no longer suitable to have the front desk person answering complicated questions about your product or service. They may be well qualified to answer them, particularly if they’ve been with your organization for a long time, but their time, like yours, is probably best spent focusing on their daily tasks. Spend the money to bring some dedicated ‘people handlers’ into the picture.

3. Payroll Services

Few things are more disturbing than watching a busy company founder pouring over the time cards of the organization’s numerous employees. Their time is better spent dealing with employee concerns and maintaining good relations with those employees through personal interaction. It can be demoralizing to the work force to see the boss getting frustrated over the accountancy involved in handling this routine task. Going the simple route of paying by the 15 minute increment rather than by the minute is one solution. But that solution will eventually cost more than outsourcing to a dedicated payroll services organization will!

4. Code Programming

Unless you’ve been fascinated by computer code, and even taken some classes, delving into the subject yourself with some regularity, it’s best to avoid coding. It’s complicated, time consuming, and as you may find out the hard way, it requires absolutely perfect typing ability. One coded character out of place can screw up an entire website’s appearance, and that’s not the way to present your best face to the customer. Let dedicated computer professionals handle the back end of your computer system needs. You can handle the front end by telling them what appearance and functionality to include. From there, walk away, and leave it to them.

And Don’t Try These Yourself, Either


Unless you’re in the restaurant business, it’s a good idea to let professionals handle your office’s nutritional requirements when it’s time to throw a company party during office hours. While potluck lunches show off some people’s capabilities in the kitchen, they also showcase other people’s inadequacy in the same space. You didn’t hire your employees so that they could show off their ability to sling spices. Let dedicated food-service staff handle such things, and take that small pressure away from your workers.

Janitorial Duties

Handling unexpected issues in the bathroom or on the company carpet isn’t what anyone had in mind when you hired them to run your social media outlet, or any other position aside from janitorial. Keep people functioning at their assigned tasks and they will excel at them through repetition and exposure. Requesting that they handle dirty work in their nicest office clothes is insulting._

From the payroll services to lunch, these half-dozen tasks should be outsourced the moment your business is large enough to warrant the expense. No one expects a start-up that’s been open for five months to be outsourcing everything. But once business is steady, outsourcing makes good sense.

Article by BuyerZone, a leading online service provider that connects buyers and suppliers for a range of services and equipment such as online payroll services.