7 Tips To Write A Killer E-book

by Adam Snyder

When it comes to creating a passive income online there is nothing better than having your own killer e-book. The nice thing about e-books is you write one and you can sell it as many times as you want, so your profits are exponential.

Where do I start?

The first thing that you need to do in order to make money from an e-book is write one. I know you may be wondering,

How the heck do I write an e-book!

That is the simple part, I have put together 7 tips to write a killer e-book that are so easy to follow that you will have your very own e-book in a short amount of time.

Research, Research, Research

Before you start to write your own e-book you need to do some research, the first thing you need to do is pick your topic that you want to write about. When you choose your topic don’t just pick something because you think that is a great way to earn cash online, pick something you are passionate about. Now that you have your topic you need to do as much research as you can. If you want to have the most detailed and comprehensive e-book then you need to get information not only from your own experiences but from books, other e-books and articles. Before I write anything for my e-books I always find another e-book on the same topic so I can see what that author did and improve it. The one thing you will learn about e-books is, “You don’t have to be perfect, but you need to be better than the
other guy”.

Quality Is Everything

This goes back to the research; if you want to sell the most e-books as possible then you need to have quality information. The second a buyer sees that you don’t have all the facts or you’re embellishing on something they will stop reading and once the word gets out about your product your sales will come to a screeching halt.
You need to know your topic. In order to write a quality product you need to know your topic inside and out. But remember, “Knowing is only half the battle”, you still need to implement your work.

Images Add Value

Have you heard the saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words”? Well, it comes into play here. The great thing about adding an image or even multiple images into an e-book is it breaks up the content and adds something for the reader to help give a mental picture. For example, if this were an e-book I would have placed an image of a piece of paper with a research web next to Research, Research, Research. Don’t you think that would have given the reader a hint on what my paragraph was about and how to implement that tip?

Solve A Problem

The one thing that gets me every time I read an e-book is the author always leaves something out and doesn’t solve the entire problem. I don’t know about you but I don’t buy e-books that don’t solve a problem or help me out in some way.

When I say solve a problem I don’t mean it has to be an unsolved problem but you need to solve the problem better than the last person did. And again this goes back to your research where you should have read other e-books and articles. For example; if I wanted to teach people how to bake a cake without having the cake stick to the pan I wouldn’t just tell them what pan to use and what spray. I would want to give the reader choices of which pan works best and how much it is and where you can find it at that price. It is the simple things that people will remember, not the overall e-book.

Show Your Personality

When it comes to writing an e-book you need to be as transparent as possible because the reader might not know who you are and what your credentials are. Not only do you want them to know who you are you want them to feel like they have known you for years. This was my biggest problem when I first started and it wasn’t until I learned to be transparent that I started to make decent money.

One of the things I like to do in my e-books is ask questions and get the reader to want to respond. The more questions you ask means the more answers they will have already embedded into their head, which means as soon as they are done reading your e-book they will take action. And this goes back to solving a problem; you can never help a person out if they never take action, so get them to this point and them let go.

Give Examples

I love to give examples and if I could and people would let me I would give an example for everything I do. The nice part about giving an example is that the reader will get a better idea about what you are talking about. For example; if I was showing you step by step how to create your own e-book I would tell you how to pick your topic and then how to create a winning title and so on. Remember, examples can be about a lot of different things just make sure they convey a message that helps the reader better understand what they are reading.

Complete It

This may sound dumb but this is the most common problem people have about writing, “They never complete their work”!

Think about this, “Would you be happy if the contractor of your house didn’t complete it and did everything except the roof”? I bet you wouldn’t like that too much, right?
I know how you may feel about your work once you get halfway done, I have been there myself. There are many times where I complete most of my e-book and then I read back through it and think, “Wow, this is junk, I might as well stop now”. You never know what others will think of your work, so just complete your e-book and get it out there for
people to read.

The thing I love to put at the end of each e-book is some call to action.

What is the point of a call to action?

A call to action at the end of an e-book is desperately needed because most people will finish reading something and sit there and think about it, I don’t want people to sit and think, I want people to take action and do what I tell them to do. The sentence that I use most often is, “Now that you have all the information that I promised get out there and make your life even better by starting right now”!

As you can see writing a killer e-book really only has a few required steps and the rest are just there to make it pop.

Don’t hesitate a second longer, use what you have learned and write your killer e-book today!