7 Apps that Help Keep Businesses Running Smoothly

Advances in computing technology continue to provide businesses with powerful tools that enable them to increase their productivity. Now that smartphones and tablet PCs are rapidly becoming the most important way to stay connected while mobile, developers are designing numerous apps to assist with the everyday tasks involved in operating a business.

Productivity Apps:

Professionals on the go can take advantage of a number of apps designed to increase productivity, and since many of these are available on all mobile operating systems, business owners won’t have to worry about compatibility issues. Here are just a few of the 36 apps recommended by eCommerce owners.


Dropbox enables iPad and BlackBerry PlayBook users to share and access files on any computer where Dropbox is installed. Although the program is free, those who need to store more than 2GB of data have three subscription-based tiers to choose from.


Skype now offers its great video calling system for all kinds of mobile devices, and since Skype-to-Skype calls are free, this is an affordable way to stay connected with clients and employees while traveling. Users can also call other contacts for a low price.


Evernote is a powerful free app that not only enables users to type or use a stylus to take notes, but it also captures voice memos and photos. Users can then sync their notes to desktop PCs, which makes keeping track of them incredibly easy.

Finance Apps:

Sometimes business professionals need to access financial data while traveling or generate expense reports to receive quick reimbursements, which is why these apps come in handy. There are even ones designed to manage budgets, which is great for those who own a small business and want to keep track of their bank accounts.


Expensify allows iPhone users to manage receipts and generate expense reports while traveling. This free program also takes advantage of the iPhone’s camera to photograph and organize receipts. Expensify also connects with QuickBooks to make life easier for bookkeepers.


QuickBooks accounting software is used by many accounting professionals, which is why Intuit has designed a free app that enables them to view their files on-the-go. While the app does not yet allow users to add or modify data, it works as a handy reference to show to clients.


FireWallet is a low-cost solution to Android users who want to balance their budget. It offers visual features such as charts and graphs to track spending habits, and it also alerts users about any upcoming bills. Most importantly, it uses a four-digit pin system to keep information secure.

News Apps:

Keeping track of the latest business news is important for grabbing hold of lucrative new trends or avoiding financial disasters, which is why the Bloomberg Mobile app helps keep businesses running smoothly. Users can watch the stock market and stay informed about current events all for free.

Anyone with a business administration degree can see how these apps represent the future of business. Not only do they carry robust features on a mobile scale, they also take advantage of the latest technology such as cloud computing, which allows businesses to store all their data online and sync it across multiple devices with ease.

In fact, customizable cloud-based apps are becoming popular as a cost-effective way to purchase software for entire networks, which may mean that disc-based licensed software packages will ultimately go the way of the dinosaur when it comes to business computing.

Danielle Ridder is a mobile app fanatic. She writes about current trends in mobile apps. When she’s not writing about apps she focuses her attention on business technology advancements and college business administration degree programs and training courses.