5 Tips For an Amazing Cover Letter

by Mike Hlatky

There are basically five main points to each cover letter written. I am going to go through each one of these points for an in depth analysis of how and where to improve your cover letter. The process is pretty simple if you know what you are doing. Once you get the hang of it, making cover letters becomes a breeze.

1. The Greeting
This is the easiest part of creating a cover letter. All you have to do is write who you are writing the cover letter for. I would say to start out with Dear _______,. In this space, you can put the individual person’s name (Mark) or the department name (Accounting).

2. Introduction
Just introduce yourself and show your interest in the job. For both this section and the next, be sure to include references to the job description.

Hi, my name is Susie and I am interested in applying for (job title). I found this exciting opportunity by searching ________. I believe I am the ideal candidate because I can (list job requirement). I am also able to (list another job requirement).

3. Promoting Yourself
Tell about your background and your accomplishments in previous jobs. List how you became able to do those job requirements you mentioned in the introduction.

I previously worked at (previous company name) where I was the (position). Through work at (previous company name), I was able to accomplish many things. Some of these accomplishments include (accomplishment 1). And (accomplishment 2). Through (previous company name), I was able to learn how to (job requirement) and (another job requirement).

4. Conclusion
Say thanks and stress how much you are interested in the job.

Thanks for taking your time to review my application. I think that I could greatly benefit your company in this position because (reason 1). (Reason 2). (Reason 3).

5. Closing
People often get confused about what to write here, but it is actually quite simple. Two things that I usually use are Thanks For Your Time or I Hope To Hear From You Soon.

That’s it! You are done with writing your cover letter. I think that people often get stressed out and overlook how simple this really is. You don’t have to follow this example word for word, but it is a good start. Expand upon this to create the best cover letter you can to get that job. Good Luck!