Word of Mouth! Word of Mouth!

The ease and convenience of promoting a service online has led business owners to grow weary of traditional advertising. Without a doubt, the ways of the cyber world are much faster than promoting something through the telephone or spending hours at the mall, distributing flyers and brochures to people. That is why most business owners today are more than willing to shift their entire advertising strategies onto the Web.

Nevertheless, every marketer should not take the power of word of mouth for granted. Nothing beats physical communication, live interaction, and real-life brand exposition. Have you ever wondered why conventions, conferences, and marketing gatherings are still in demand these days? Well, Internet may be the “thing” today, but there are still pure believers of the “Word of Mouth” in conveying an honest message to people; many people organize these types of gatherings to revive the most powerful and persuasive marketing strategy of all time.

The Internet platform is too flat

Although the Internet provides us the fastest and widest way to communicate and promote, it is limited. Social networking sites, emails, blogs, and forums may be the best mediums in bringing your service outside the perimeters of your target area, country, language, and even capacity, but communication through these online tools are too flat compared to what live promotion can do. The Internet is limited to words, while live “Word of Mouth” is not.

In conventions and conferences, speakers (who are business owners, too) don’t limit themselves with just promoting their products in front of people. These types of marketing gatherings are usually loaded with countless anecdotes, inspiring stories, and real-life testimonies that give emotion to the usual promotion we see on the Web. In addition, products are presented and tested live in these gatherings. This gives the consumers more freedom in choosing and deciding whether they will purchase the product or not.

Word of mouth marketing is not just about conventions

Word of mouth marketing is not just about conventions and marketing gatherings. The usual conversation between the business owner and his customer can be a channel for effective word of mouth marketing as well. In fact, according to a Harvard study, most successful word of mouth marketing happens within the boundaries of store buildings, where the normal business owner and customer interaction occurs.

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