Widespread Terror Drills Prevail Across America

Feds move past vague terror threats and towards an accelerated occupation of America.

The federal government is now conducting nationwide “terrorist response drills” to further condition the public into believing that security theatre such as the NSA’s warrantless surveillance “keeps us safe.”

In Indiana, a joint operation of over 5,000 military and civilian first responders are conducting a drill in response to a simulated “nuclear terrorist attack” in Columbus, Ohio.

The drill, named Exercise Vibrant Response, is ran by the U.S. Northern Command and led by U.S. Army North.

Vibrant Response utilizes at least 300 actors and 200 mannequins filling in as victims:

Soldiers in HazMat suits conduct searches during Vibrant Response:

The Indiana drill concludes on August 17.

In North Dakota, local, state and federal entities are performing a simulation in which terrorists steal radiation devices during the World Energy Forum.

This drill takes place at several locations such as the Moorhead High School, the FargoDome, and local hospitals.

The numerous agencies involved include the FBI, the North Dakota Highway Patrol, and the North Joint Operations Center.

Last week, we reported on the Austin, Texas terror drill conducted in response to a vague DHS terror alert.

Media outlets were forced to cover the reported terrorist threat after Infowars broke the news on the special threat advisory.

“According to anonymous reporting, a group of trained terrorists are planning to conduct attacks in Austin, Texas and Pasadena, California at the conclusion of the Ramadan period,” the special threat advisory read.

The document, given to Austin area law enforcement, further stated that the unspecified terrorists could bomb Sixth Street, a popular nightlife venue in Austin.

These “terror response” drills come in the wake of the Obama Administration’s recent closing of U.S. embassies due to a “terror threat,” which a high-ranking Yemeni security official said had “no basis in fact,” as reported by Paul Joseph Watson.

The official said that the U.S. embassy terror threat was an attempt to sway the public’s opinion on the expansion of unpopular American drone strikes.

Since the late 1990s, Alex Jones has documented massive urban warfare exercises involving foreign troops on American soil.

These operations even included how to control and detain the American people.

Make no mistake, the federal response drills are designed to exaggerate terrorist threats in America in order to justify the future expansion of federal powers at the expense of our rights.

Republished from: Infowars