Which Bilderberg name did you notice first?

James Higham
June 4, 2013

Some days ago, this blog said the Bilderberg meetings were just theatre. What does Kissinger still have to offer, other than cheering on the latest atrocity?

However, a glance at the Bilderberg list via Wikiguido via Ian shows some other things:

Chairman: Henri de Castries, Chairman and CEO, AXA Group
George Osborne, Chancellor of the Exchequer
Ed Balls, Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer
Kenneth Clarke, Cabinet Minister
Baroness Williams of Crosby, Member, House of Lords
Eric E. Schmidt, Executive Chairman, Google Inc.
José Manuel Barroso, President, European Commission
Timothy F Geithner, Former Secretary of the Treasury
Henry A. Kissinger, Chairman, Kissinger Associates, Inc.
Christine Lagarde, Managing Director, International Monetary Fund
Marcus Agius, Former Chairman, Barclays plc
Jeff Bezos, Founder and CEO, Amazon.com
Sherard Cowper-Coles, Business Development Director, International, BAE Systems plc
Robert Dudley, Group Chief Executive, BP plc
Thomas Enders, CEO, EADS
J. Michael Evans, Vice Chairman, Goldman Sachs & Co.
François Fillon, Former French Prime Minister
John Kerr, Independent Member, House of Lords
John Micklethwait, Editor-in-Chief, The Economist
H.R.H. Princess Beatrix of The Netherlands
David H. Petraeus, General, U.S. Army (Retired)y
Mark Rutte, Dutch Prime Minister
Peter D. Sutherland, Chairman, Goldman Sachs International

You’d possibly note Balls, Clarke and Osborne in there, some might note Barosso and Geithner but I noticed one name straight away — Fillon.  Fillon, Fillon?!  Who TF is Fillon?

Let’s go back to last year’s UMP elections, in which Copé and Fillon fought it out.   Copé announced he’d won and Fillon acted like a petulant child. At the time, I wondered how much more to it there was. The narrative clearly wanted Fillon in there. A Sarkozy henchman, Bilderberger and EUist, he was supported by the Ken Clarkes and George Osbornes of the UMP, whereas Copé represented the popular conservative vote — you know, jobs, small government, family — that sort of thing.

He is not a Bilderberger.  He is, though, called anti-Muslim, misogynist, homophobic, a right-wing extremist, a man who would “wreck” France with his extremism.   It’s quite true he feels very, very strongly about the family and jobs and France for the French. That’s oh so extreme, is it not, a veritable Hitler?

No prizes for which one I’d vote for, given the chance. In the pic at the top, Copé is the one smiling and Fillon is to the front right.



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