‘We built Frankenstein monsters, spawned millions of radicalized Muslims’ — MP George Galloway

Published time: May 24, 2013 01:44

British soldiers secure the area following a road side bomb which detonated as a British army patrol rolled by in the southern city of Basra, 550 kms from the capital Baghdad (AFP Photo)



Through support for Israeli occupations and participation in American invasions of Muslim countries, Britain has ended up spawning tens or even hundreds of millions of “radicalized Muslims” across the world, British MP George Galloway told RT.

RT: You compared the Woolwich attackers to
UK-sponsored Syrian rebels – what do you mean?

George Galloway: This was a grotesque and sickening act
of murder involving either an attempt of successful beheading of
someone by fanatic extremists. This is the sort of thing that
happens in Syria every day, except sometimes they even cut out the
heart and the liver of the deceased and eat it on video for the
entertainment of their brothers in the barracks afterwards. And
Britain is helping to pay for that sickening barbarism in Syria.
But when it comes close to home, happens on our own streets by the
same kind of people, these people influenced by the al-Qaeda
mindset are exactly the same kind of people that we are paying for,
arming, giving all kinds of war material and agitating to give them
more in Syria.

So I simply ask David Cameron as I asked him before in
Parliament if he would adumbrate the key differences between the
hand-chopping throat-cutting fanatics that we saw in Woolwich
yesterday and the hand-chopping throat-cutting fanatics we are
giving money and weapons to in Syria.

RT: Do you honestly believe pulling British troops out
of Afghanistan would stop these attacks?

GG: Britain has been helping to radicalize these
extremist fanatics for a very long time with its support for Israel
and its crimes against the Palestinian people, with its
participation in US invasions and occupations of Muslim countries.
We have spawned across the world maybe tens, maybe hundreds of
millions of radicalized Muslims, fanaticized by the injustice and
the double-standards of Western policy towards the Muslim world.
And all I see is that in a kind of grotesque double whammy we’ve
now added to that by reprising our policy in the 1980s of actually
helping to build a Frankenstein monster in Syria. And the very same
raw material of radicalized fanaticized extremists is being used.
And It came back to hunt the United State, Spain and Britain and
many places after the Afghan experience, when we built the first
Frankenstein monster. And now we are doing it all over again in
Syria as we did a year or so ago in Libya.

British soldiers serving with Somme Company, the 1st Battalion The Duke of Lancaster's Regiment and Afghan National Army (ANA) soldiers rest from searching for Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) in a village of Sayedebad District, Nad e Ali, Helmand Province (AFP Photo)

RT: Couldn’t it be said that there’s something about
Islam that pushes people to do such extremist acts?

GG: No, I don’t accept that at all anymore than the
butchery of Franco the Spanish Fascist dictator had anything to do
with Jesus Christ even if the people doing the torturing and the
butchering were wearing the cross on their sleeves. George W. Bush
was a fanatic, born again Christian he said. But again that had
nothing to do with Jesus. So I don’t accept that at all.

What is the case, is that in Palestine, in Iraq, in Afghanistan
over this last decade and more, much more in the case of Palestine,
Western complicity, and murder and mayhem and misery in the Muslim
world have generated extremism and fanaticism.

RT: This appears to have been carried out by people
born, bought up and educated in the UK. That’s not coming from
abroad, is it?

GG: Well, they told you, didn’t they? They told you why
they committed that grotesque and sickening act yesterday. They
told you from their own mouths that they were doing it because of
the situation facing Muslims abroad. I see no reason to disbelieve

The crime, the sin is that the young man who paid with his
blood, just like on 07/07, when more than 50 British people paid
with their lives and hundreds with their blood, maimed and wounded,
ruined forever, was that innocent people were being punished for
the crimes of guilty people. And that’s a crime in any language.
It’s a sin in any religion.

This article originally appeared on: RT