War. Huh. What Is It Good For?

Jesse Snodgrass was a 17 year-old autistic student in Temecula, California and in 2012 he was tricked into buying weed for an undercover cop. Jesse, since he was young, has always had trouble finding friends.

That’s why he was ecstatic when Deputy Daniel Zipperstein befriended him and multiple other people at his school. Unfortunately Deputy Zipperstein was a cop part of an undercover drug sting for Jesse’s High School. Deputy Zipperstein went around the school targeting vulnerable people and “loners” and once they became so called friends, he would barrage them with demands asking for them to sell him drugs.

He would constantly ask Jesse and Jesse would deny but once the Deputy realized he wouldn’t budge, he wanted nothing to do with that relationship. So Jesse not wanting to lose his friend, reluctantly decided to buy some marijuana from a dispensary and gave it to the Deputy. On December 11, 2012 Jesse’s art classroom door was busted in and he was charged with two felony counts.

Now some people might say he deserved to get arrested and if he did not want to be, then he shouldn’t have bought the weed. If you do, Well first you should know the word entrapment. Entrapment: The act of government agents or officials that induces a person to commit a crime he or she is not previously disposed to commit. This was not the first time entrapment has happened and it’s certainly not the last. All caused when a simple policy was instituted in 1972. The war on drugs.