US using Pyongyang nuclear tests as pretext for pivoting more towards Asia

UN sanctions imposed on North Korea over the past decade have failed to prevent Pyongyang from expanding its nuclear and missile programs, a UN panel of experts says, while the US has used the North’s activities as a pretext for expanding its military build-up in Asia.

“There are serious questions about the efficacy of the current United Nations sanctions regime,” the experts said in a Monday report.

The report came at a time that the UN Security Council is working on a new sanctions resolution to punish North Korea for its January nuclear test and a Sunday rocket launch, which some believe was a disguised ballistic missile test.

“Sanctions have not prevented the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea from gradually improving and expanding its nuclear and ballistic missile capabilities,” said the report, using the official name of North Korea.

The Security Council has imposed four rounds of sanctions on Pyongyang since its first nuclear test in 2006, but the experts said they found “no indications that the country intends to abandon its nuclear and ballistic missile programs.”


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