US to reduce military aid to Egypt

The US has already frozen the shipment of four F-16 fighter jets to Egypt.

The White House has eventually decided to suspend a substantial portion of US military aid to Egypt, following a lengthy review that began in August after days of deadly attacks on supporters of Egypt™s ousted president, Mohamed Morsi, according to several American officials.

The decision is expected to be announced in the coming days, the New York Times reports.

The Obama administration will hold up the delivery of several types of military hardware to the Egyptian military, including tanks, helicopters and fighter jets. But US aid for œcounterterrorism operations” in the African country will not be affected, the report says, citing the officials.

The US will also suspend nonmilitary aid that flows directed to the Egyptian government. Washington has already frozen the shipment of four F-16 fighter jets and cancelled joint military exercises with the Egyptian Army.

The American officials said the military aid could be restored later if the Egyptian government showed signs of restoring œdemocratic institutions” and a new government, according to the Times.

The decision comes after Sunday street clashes erupted in several cities in Egypt that killed dozens of people. It also follows a government shutdown in the US and a Looming debt crisis there.

In a statement on Tuesday evening, National Security Council spokeswoman Caitlin Hayden said: œReports that we are halting all military assistance to Egypt are false. We will announce the future of our assistance program with Egypt in the coming days.”

The US provides Egypt with $1.55 billion aid in total, of which $1.3 billion is military and $250 million is economic, making the African country the second-largest receiver of American aid after Israel.


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