‘US stuck in broken political system’

The American public see themselves bereft of any hope for choosing a new political faction other than the existing failed bipartisan system, a political analyst writes on Press TV website.

œWe have a broken political system in America. That in itself does not bring on the end times. But when you add in the only two choices that most of the public seems to consider for themselves, total apathy or intense partisan politics … you have legal grounds for claiming a depression disability because our elites have us totally boxed in,” Jim W. Dean wrote in a Saturday article.

The analyst argued that as long as both the Democrats and Republicans rely on the financial support of the banksters and other lobbyists, including the APAC (the American Israel Public Affairs Committee), rather than on the people™s trust, the œfighting back efforts” during elections will merely harm the people themselves and leave the politicians unscathed.

Dean questioned the credibility of the American democratic system and argued that in the US œyou have freedom of choice for two options where you want neither one, and there is no door number three.”

He noted that the American public will only see the prospect of a third option, only if they avoid œbeing suckered into playing the divide and conquer game that our elites have rigged up for us … and love to play because they always win.”

A new Gallup poll shows that 60 percent of Americans say the country needs a third major party because the Democratic and Republican parties do such a poor job of representing the American people.

Since the government shutdown began at the beginning of this month, opinions about both parties have become more negative, Gallup said.

The current shutdown began on Oct. 1, and resulted from Congress’ failure to agree on a resolution to fund federal government operations.

Meanwhile, the US is facing the threat of a default on its debt, which has deepened concerns among global leaders and financial markets around the world.

The International Monetary Fund warned on Thursday that a failure of the US to resolve its debt ceiling problem threatens the security of investments and risks financial instability.


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