‘US seeks to rule Latin American states’

The United States is engaged in covert military actions in Latin American countries, including Colombia, in order to control their economic operations, an analyst says.

Å“This is the way that the US controls the economic operations in other countries by installing paramilitary and military individuals to rule the country. We used to do it with mercenaries and now we just pay our politicians,” Scott Rickard, former American Intelligence linguist, told Press TV on Tuesday.

He made the remarks after an investigative report by the Washington Post disclosed a decade-long CIA covert program in Colombia to help the country track down and kill right-wing rebels and drug cartels.

In addition to real-time intelligence to hunt down rebel leaders, the CIA provides the Colombian forces with Å“smart bombs” to assassinate their leaders, the report said.

The analyst said the report is Å“really nothing new at all,” adding Å“these kinds of activities have been going on in Latin America with the United States since the 1850s.”

Rickard cited William Walker, an American adventurer and soldier who in the 1850s tried Å“to not only invade, but occupy and even rule” Nicaragua. Walker became president of the Republic of Nicaragua in 1856 and ruled until 1857.

In the mid-1980s, Rickard said, the US Å“got quite involved in Colombian paramilitary operations.”

Å“They were basically funding all of the military operations in Colombia and also going after the drug cartels that they had worked with so closely to bring cocaine and other narcotics into the United States out of Latin America and the Colombian military was getting quite a bit of money.”


Source: Press TV