Is The US re-creating the Dark Age in history, and if so is it intentional?

There is a disturbing footprint of US foreign policy in the Middle East, and one must wonder exactly what is the intent of US foreign policy. Let us start with Iraq. Why did we invade Iraq? Was it because they had WMD? Even though that was the pretext, we now know, or at least of those who can think and reason, know full well that was all a lie. Some still argue it was not a lie but bad intelligence, but if that is the case who was held accountable for the “bad intelligence”?

Over one million dead and no one is held accountable? Not one single person? Those who listened to the voices of reason told us there were no WMD in Iraq. People like the weapons inspector Scott Ritter, weapons inspector David Kay who resigned, Richard Clarke in his book Against All Enemies, stated Iraq was a target long before 9/11; even the Russian secret service told us there was no WMD. There were many loud and clear voices saying repeatedly there were no WMD in Iraq, but those who wanted war had the corporate media behind them and the voices of reason were for the most part silenced or overwhelmed by those who wanted war.

But if the reason for the attack on Iraq was not WMD, but was just the pretext for war, then what was the reason for the attack? Was it to get rid of Saddam Hussein? If that be the case explain why after his death the US turned around and handpicked the next dictator who might have been even worse than Hussein. No it was not to get rid of the evil dictator who formerly was our good friend.

We supported him in his war with Iran for eight years, we provided him with the co-ordinates so he could use chemical weapons against Iranian troops in that war. Let us not forget the infamous picture of Rumsfeld shaking hands with his good friend Saddam Hussein, before he was dubbed the Hitler of his country. No, it was not to get rid of a dictator; that was merely another pretext used to attack Iraq.

A famous movie line of “you want the truth; you cannot handle the truth” applies here. If you have been drinking enormous quantities of government Kool-Aid over the years you will not comprehend the following, so read no farther. If you still have an open mind consider this. The plan of the US was simply to destroy all of Iraq as we know it and to reduce it to a zone of absolute anarchy, and that is exactly what has happened. Iraq is no longer a nation, but it is an area of tribal and sectarian anarchy, that resulted when the US smashed and bombed Iraq back into the Stone Age. All of its infrastructure was destroyed including water and sewage systems, bridges roads, and electrical systems.

Just imagine what NYC might be like with 10 years of having no water, sewage, electricity, and no one to maintain order. NYC would be exactly like Iraq is now. Extremists would get weapons and begin to fight for turf control; this is an inevitable result of destroying a country, and the architects of US policy are not so stupid they did not realize and plan for all of this. The Iraqi army was immediately disbanded by the US, which insured there was no institution capable of maintaining a semblance of order.

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