US ‘profoundly troubled’ by brutal beating of Palestine teen who turned out to be American


The US has condemned the beating and detention of a 15-year-old Palestinian-American by Israeli police after a massive social media campaign exploded in cyber space decrying the actions and hypocrisy of Israeli authorities.

“We can confirm that Tarek Khdeir, an American citizen, is being held by Israeli authorities in Jerusalem. [Tarek Abu Khdeir ] was visited by an official from the US Consulate General in Jerusalem today,” US State Department spokeswoman, Jen Psaki, said in a press release.

The US is “profoundly troubled” by reports that the teenager was “severely beaten while in police custody” while visiting Israel on vacation from Tampa Florida, and strongly condemns “any excessive use of force.”

“We are calling for a speedy, transparent and credible investigation and full accountability for any excessive use of force,” Psaki said.

A shocking video of the brutal attack that was leaked on the internet, showing Israeli police officers savagely beating the 15-year-old cousin of Mohammad Abu Khdeir who was burnt alive in East Jerusalem, has prompted outrage in the Palestinian community.

Caught on camera: Israeli police beating 15yo cousin of murdered Palestinian teen (VIDEO)

His family has issued a statement saying that “Tarek is in dire need of medical attention and his family is calling for his immediate release after this brutal beating and arbitrary arrest.”

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  • harry

    Fucking yids!

  • The irony burns. Coming from a police state which daily kills innocent civilians.

  • Just the truth

    Kid was throwing rocks at people with guns. Should be thankfull he’s not dead. If it was an israely kid and he was caught by the Arabs there would only be a corps.

    • Michelle Black

      You have no idea what actually happened.

      • Just the truth

        I’ve been there. I know exactly what happens

        • nQQn

          You know everything oh great one. Tell me how many Palestinian kids were killed by Israel since 2000. And how many Israeli kids were killed.

    • nQQn

      So thats makes it OK for their police to beat up an American kid? If it was any other country the fighter jets would have been in the air by now.
      The good news is this is ending soon, America is too broke and people are learning the truth about the Zionist crimes against humanity.
      Enjoy your time while you can man, there will be no place to hide for people like you.

      • Just the truth

        Don’t worry. I’m ready. When the time comes, people like me will be there to face people like you. How many Jews are in Palestinian prisons? The answer is none. They all get killed on the spot. No trial. Just deemed guilty and executed. This boy is alive. He will go home and all his friends will greet him like a legend because he stood up to Israel. He should be thankful he’s not a Jewish boy caught by an Arab mob. There wouldn’t be any chance to talk to his parents or anyone else and the story of his death would be swept under Middle eastern politics. You know this is true.

  • Isabel Mead

    Israel uses American taxpayer money to beat up American citizens. These are the brave little boy jew bastards in uniform. END US SUPPORT OF ISRAEL NOW!!!!!

  • trig400

    “profoundly troubled”, but the US will do nothing since the chosen own our congress, TV airwaves and foreign policy directors.
    How long will it be before US citizens are asked to just endorse their paychecks to be given to this wicked tribe and their nation?

  • mike

    Congress won’t do anything. Obama won’t, either. The NSA is an Israeli owned cell based in the states. They’re hard wired into it. They have dirt on every Congressman, office holder, judge, even Psaki. Anyone who threatens to expose their satanic ways will have their dirty laundry aired.

  • fred54

    If the US government is so “profoundly troubled” maybe they could start
    complying with the Glenn Act and the Symington Amendment and stop
    giving any military aid to the Zionist enterprise.

  • spirittoo

    “Profoundly troubled” that more than what they were when the israeli bootjacks murdered an unarmed American in cold blood along with 17 other people when they committed a war crime boarding the Marvi Marmara in international waters.

    • Tony

      Rachael Corey

      • spirittoo

        Another example of how “profoundly trouble” wasn’t mention.

  • Tony

    Has fox “news” called him a terrorist yet?

  • Sooriamoorthy

    Is it because he’s American that US is troubled? And profoundly at that?
    But US never cares about the law, being the rogue State par excellence.