US police brutality exacerbated by gun culture: American law professor

The United States has “by far the most violent” law enforcement agencies in the world, which is exacerbated by the dominant gun culture and societal violence in the country, according to an expert on international law.

“You have several features that are unique to the US, one of them is that there is this glorification of self-[law] enforcement by the citizenry and protection through the position of weapons,” said Richard Falk, an American Professor of International Law and Practice, Emeritus at Princeton University.

“And then there is very poor training of the police who also often partake of racist attitudes that make them both afraid and hostile to the non-white minorities,” Falk told Press TV on Wednesday.

“So you have this mixture of a more violent society, a less trained police force, and a set of attitudes that lead the police to feel justified in using lethal violence to uphold their duties,” he added.

“It’s an unfortunate set of circumstances but very difficult to see how it can be corrected without some fundamental shift in the gun culture that still dominates the United States.”

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