US nuclear weapons in UK to escalate tensions with Russia: Analyst

The UK’s consideration to once again host US nuclear missiles over deteriorating of ties with Russia will be a “major escalation” of tensions, a former Pentagon official says.

“The possibility of the US deploying nuclear weapons to Europe will be a major, major escalation of what I would call Cold War 2,” said Michael Maloof, a former senior security policy analyst at the US Department of Defense.

“This would constitute a major escalation of an already tense area in which military forces of both the United States and now Russia are going to be gathering to have another confrontation,” Maloof told Press TV on Tuesday.

“This does not bode well for either side and for the world,” he added. “All that the Russians would do is move in their own nuclear weapons and create a further of escalation.”

The British government could be open to hosting US nuclear weapons again should the West’s relationship with Russia deteriorate further, British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond said Monday.


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