US military rape victims face revenge, regret reporting crimes — lawyer

(RT) – The US military’s system of prosecution has to change, as rape victims are often put in positions where they even regret coming forward, Maribel Jarzabek, ex-Air Force lawyer, said on a recent HRW survey of sexual assault survivors.

Of those who answered the US Army’s call to come out as sexual assault victims, 62 percent are facing backlash from their commanders and fellow servicemen, a report released by Human Rights Watch earlier this week stated.

The victims are “spat on, deprived of food, assailed with obscenities — whore, cum-dumpster, slut, faggot — threatened with ‘friendly fire’ during deployment… demoted, disciplined [or] discharged for misconduct,” the paper entitled “Embattled: Retaliation against sexual assault survivors in the US military” said.

According to HRW, only 5 percent of sexual assault cases in the US military lead to convictions of the perpetrators.

“Virtually no-one is held accountable” for retaliating against those reporting rape and other abuses, the report added.

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