US Marines ‘burning Iraqi bodies’

The website said it turned the photos to the Pentagon last week.

Shocking photos published on show US Marines burning bodies of dead Iraqis in Fallujah in 2004.

Å“TMZ obtained 41 pictures that weâ„¢re told were shot in Fallujah in 2004,” the website writes. Å“Two pictures show a Marine appearing to pour gasoline or some other flammable on the remains of what officials believe are 2 insurgents. Two other photos show the bodies on fire. You then see charred remains.”

Å“Another photo shows a Marine crouched down next to a dead body and mugging for the camera.

Å“Still another pic shows a Marine rifling through the pocket of the pants on a corpse.”

The website said some of the photos are Å“too gruesome” to be published, adding that over a dozen bodies are seen in the pics and Å“some are covered with flies and one is being eaten by a dog.”

The website said it turned the photos to the Pentagon last week.

A Marine spokesman at the Pentagon, Lt. Col. Neil F. Murphy, said Wednesday the Marine Corps is investigating the circumstances depicted in the photos and attempting to identify the Marines shown.

Murphy said the results will determine whether the Marine Corps launches an investigation into possible wrongdoing.

The United States used the 9/11 terrorist attacks in New York as a pretext to attack Afghanistan in 2001. Two years later, the US military also invaded Iraq, where conflicts left more than one million people dead.

Thousands of US troops are still stationed in both countries, years after the ouster of the Taliban in Afghanistan and the former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein in Iraq.


Source: Press TV