US govt. fails to secure healthcare site

A group of computer experts in the United States says the government has failed to secure the from cyber attacks and that the site is fundamentally flawed.

The government has yet to remedy more than 20 vulnerabilities that security experts reported to the government shortly after the website went live on October 1, according to Reuters, citing cyber security professionals.

Hackers could steal personal information, modify data or attack the personal computers of the website’s users, David Kennedy, head of computer security consulting firm TrustedSec LLC, said.

“These issues are alarming,” Kennedy told Reuters on Wednesday.

At a November House Committee hearing, Kennedy and three other experts said they believed the site was not secure and should be shut down immediately.

The allows Americans to purchase health insurance under President Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act, widely known as Obamacare, which mandates health insurance for all Americans.

The site was crippled by technology errors in the first two months after its launch.

“The site is fundamentally flawed in ways that make it dangerous to people who use it,” said Kevin Johnson, chief executive of Secure Ideas and a teacher at the non-profit SANS Institute, the world’s biggest organization that trains and certifies cyber security professionals.

Americans have tended to disapprove rather than approve of the healthcare law throughout the past year and generally view Obamacare negatively.

According to a Gallup poll conducted Jan. 3-4, nearly half of Americans say the Affordable Care Act will make the healthcare situation in the US worse in the long run.


Source: Press TV