US government ‘manipulating’ jobless rate

The US government is Å“manipulating” the countryâ„¢s Å“dangerously high” unemployment rate, one of the many ways that it Å“deceives American voters,” a political analyst tells Press TV.

Å“Manipulating the unemployment rate is one of many ways that the federal government deceives American voters,” said Carla Howell, the executive director for the Libertarian National Committee in Washington.

Å“The unemployment rate is dangerously high for young workers. Theyâ„¢re trapped between a rock and a hard place,” she said on Monday.

Å“But young workers arenâ„¢t the only ones affected. Workers of all ages are struggling to find well-paying jobs,” she added.

Å“No matter what politicians claim the unemployment rate is, workers searching for jobs know better. They see that Democratic and Republican promises to Ëœstimulate the economyâ„¢ have utterly failed.”

The number of working age Americans that do not have a job has increased by nearly 10 million since Barack Obama first entered the White House, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

In January 2009, the number of Å“officially unemployed” workers plus the number of Americans Å“not in the labor force” was sitting at a grand total of 92.6 million. Today, that number has risen to 102.2 million.

US employers hired the fewest number of workers in almost three years during December, raising concerns about whether the job market can sustain its recent gains.

According to a CNN/ORC poll released in December, nearly 70 percent of Americans feel pessimistic about the US economy and believe it is not improving.


Source: Press TV