US Drones Continue ‘Massive’ Operations in Third Day of Attacks

Andrea Germanos
RINF Alternative News

A suspected U.S. drone strike hit Yemen on Monday morning, the third such attack in as many days, killing people described as “militants” as part of “massive and unprecedented” operations targeting al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula.

According to reporting by the Associated Press, the most recent strike “targeted the mountainous area of Mahfad between the provinces of Abyan and Shabwa,” located in the southern part of the impoverished country.

Neither the number of casualties nor who they are is clear at this point.

An unnamed, “high-level Yemeni government official” told CNN that a “massive and unprecedented” scale of operations targeting AQAP was underway.

The day’s attack follows a weekend of U.S. strikes on the country. On Saturday at least 15 people were either killed or wounded when a missile from a U.S. drone struck vehicles traveling on a road in the central province of al-Bayda, and on Sunday between 25 to 30 people were killed by a separate suspected U.S. drone strike.

Andria writes for Common Dreams.