UKIP may have links to far-right group

Two members of the UKIP attend a protest organized by a far-right group.

Two members of the UK Independence Party (UKIP) have attended a protest organized by a far-right group, raising more questions about UKIPâ„¢s links to racsist groups.

Vanessa Crichton, the chairman of Ukipâ„¢s west London branch, and Cliff Dixon, chairman of the Hillingdon branch, attended an anti-European Union (EU) protest which was arranged by a far-right group called the British Patriots Society (BPS).

The BPS, which was set up by a former member of UKIP Sara Roocroft, is known to have strong connections with the racist English Defence League (EDL).

According to the reports, the BPS has posted messages online warning of a conflict with the Muslim community in retaliation for the London attack, in which British soldier Lee Rigby was beheaded by two assailants.

Earlier in February, British Conservative cabinet minister Ken Clarke accused UKIP of being racist, saying that they have no positive policies and are merely “against” immigrants and foreigners.


Republished with permission from:: Press TV