UK PM office faces anti-Syria-war rally

Hundreds of anti-war demonstrators rallied outside the British Prime Ministerâ„¢s office on Wednesday to protest against a potential military attack on Syria.

The protest, organized by leading British anti-war organization the Stop the War Coalition, was in opposition to the planned military intervention in Syria by Britain and its western allies allegedly in response to a chemical attack in Syria last Wednesday that they claim was carried out by government forces.

The protesters waved placards reading “No more imperialist war”, “Don’t attack Syria” and Å“Hands Off Syria” while chanting “Obama Obama why why, David Cameron why why, When you lie, People die, When you lie, Syrian die”.

The protest was attended by a number of British MPs from the Labour and Green parties including Jeremy Corbyn and Diane Abbott.

The protesters also called for an end to the propaganda that claims Syrian government forces were behind the chemical attack saying the situation is the same as before the Iraq war in 2003 when those beating the drums of war on Syria claimed Iraqi former dictator Saddam had weapons of mass destruction, what later proved to be a blatant lie.

The rally came as Labour leader Ed Miliband earlier told Prime Minister David Cameron that the party will back a military action only if it has a Å“proper, sound legal base in international law” and is Å“specifically limited to deterring the future use of chemical weapons”.

Milibandâ„¢s remark came after Britain’s Security Council unanimously approved action against Syria for the alleged chemical attack.

However, Abbot she would vote against the war if the government sticks to its promise and put the war to MPsâ„¢ vote.

“I’m here to put beyond doubt I’ll vote against waste war in Syria. Such a war will not be legal, it will not resolve anything,” she added.

Abbot had earlier threatened Miliband with leaving the Labourâ„¢s front bench if he support military attack on Syria.


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Republished from: Press TV