UK lists Israel as human rights abuser

British Foreign Office has listed the Israeli regime’s human rights record as one”of particular concern” in its quarterly report on human rights, over the Zionist entity’s brutal attack on the Gaza Strip in November and its new settlement expansion plans.

The British government’s criticism against the illegal regime follows recent warnings by the British government that the regime’s illegal settlements, especially the new buildings planned in E1 area, will alienate its international allies.

Britain’s new policy turn on the regime comes despite the fact that London has always been one of Tel Aviv’s staunchest allies with British Prime Minister David Cameron priding himself on being a friend of Israel.

The British listing, which puts the regime alongside 27 other countries including Bahrain, follows Tel Aviv’s aggressive bombing of Gaza that left over 100 Palestinian civilians killed and another 700 wounded including many who were critically hurt.

The Israeli regime has also announced it would push ahead with the hugely controversial plans to build 3,000 new settler homes on Palestinian lands.

The report reiterated an earlier warning by British Foreign Secretary William Hague who said the illegal settlement building in the West Bank and east Jerusalem “constitutes a serious provocation and an obstacle to peace.”

This comes as British Ambassador to Israel Matthew Gould has also warned the Israeli regime that the continued illegal expansion of settlements was draining its so-called international support.

British Foreign Secretary had also launched a tirade on the regime on Tuesday.

“I condemn recent Israeli decisions to expand settlements. I speak regularly to Israeli leaders stressing our profound concern that Israel’s settlement policy is losing it the support of the international community,” Hague said.