UK Labour chief sacks frontbencher

The head of Britain™s main opposition Labour Party has fired one of the most left-wing members of his team in a shock reshuffle of the shadow cabinet.

Diane Abbott, a Labour frontbencher and shadow health minister said she was sacked because of questioning Ed Miliband™s policies and leadership.

She told the BBC that her opposition to Labour™s direction cost her her job.

œI think Ed wanted more message discipline,” she said.

Miss Abbott has frequently challenged Miliband over some issues, while the leadership expects frontbenchers to follow party lines.

In August, she slammed Miliband for taking tough stance on immigration. She said at the time that the public™s desire for tougher border checks caused the leadership to change course.

Earlier this year, Miss Abbot cited the rise of the UK Independence Party as the reason behind Miliband™s confusion as far as developments about immigration and Europe were concerned.

Speaking at the Labour Party conference last month, she deplored the party leadership for taking payments from the controversial tobacco giant Philip Morris and an industry pressure group lobbying against plain packaging for cigarettes.


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