UK govt. deplored for developing drones

British protesters slam govt. for developing war machines

A protest gathering has been held in Wales at the entrance to Parc Aberporth, where the UK™s army is developing its ˜remote killing machines™ or drones.

The gathering organized by ˜Drones Network Cymru™ and several other campaigns groups was held as a wake-up call for the British government to live up to its international obligations and lower its contribution to the worldwide war machines, which kill indiscriminately.

The impacts drones have had on civilian population in the Occupied Palestinian Territories were highlighted by a representative of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign.

Movingly, others read out the names of some of the hundreds of children already deliberately killed by drone attacks in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Libya and now in Syria.

The then London government established Parc Aberporth in 2003-4 as a testing site for drones, at a cost to the taxpayer of over £21 million.

Initially, it promised to create at least 1,000 jobs, but the site managed to employ only 50 people with three quarters of the business units left empty.

Military drone manufacturers are seeking to find civilian usages for remote sensing drones in a bid to make more profits. This includes the use of drones for domestic surveillance.


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