UK govt. complacent on Arctic drilling

MPs: UK govt. accused of Ëœcomplacencyâ„¢ over Arctic drilling

UK government is accused of Ëœcomplacencyâ„¢ over Arctic drilling, a group of MPs say.

British government is accused of Å“complacency” over Arctic drilling for oil and gas as it has permitted new projects to start with almost no scrutiny of their environmental damage.

The Environmental Audit Committee called for a second time for a halt to new projects, saying the oil firms, including Shell, were not able to show Å“they could clean up an oil spill in such harsh conditions”.

The committeeâ„¢s call follows its warnings in September last year for halting the projects over safety reasons. Members of the committee urged British government to stop new projects until safety is improved.

The MPs fears a spill could bring unprecedented damage to the environment.

Å“This government is complacently standing by and watching new oil and gas drilling in the region, even though companies like Shell cannot prove they could clean up an oil spill in such harsh conditions,” said Joan Walley, chair of the committee.

A Shell spokesperson, however, said the gas and oil production from the Arctic is not new and the projects need to go ahead to meet growing global energy demand for decades to come.


Republished from: Press TV