UK divisive plans on Syria backfire

Foreign-backed militants in Syria want to attack the UK, the Home Office intelligence chief warns.

Following the revelations that Britain supports armed terrorist groups in Syria, Home Office intelligence chief Charles Farr has warned that many of the same militants want to attack the UK.

With al-Qaeda-inspired militants in Syria, Farr warned that there have never been so many terror groups and extremists so close to Europe.

Å“Groups in Syria aspire to attack Europe and have both the capability and means to do so, including returning foreign fighters coming back to Europe,” Farr told the National Security Conference in London.

Among the foreign-backed insurgents in Syria are British passport holders, which Farr fears they plan to return to the UK or already have, with the intention of organizing violence in the country.

This comes as intelligence officials believe there are at least 100 militants with British citizenship either fighting against President Bashar Assadâ„¢s government or have returned to the UK.

According to reports, many of these insurgents have joined al-Qaeda-linked terrorist group Jabhat al-Nusra in Syria.

Analysts believe Britainâ„¢s controversial policies in Middle Eastern countries like Syria or Afghanistan disrupts the safety of the UK.

Earlier in May, British Respect MP George Galloway said the London attack, in which a British soldier was beheaded by two assailants, was similar to incidents taking place in Syria every day, adding that Britain is helping to pay for that Å“sickening barbarism” in the Arab country.


Republished with permission from: Press TV