U.S. Drones Murder 13 In Yemen

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December 12, 2013

As if we need more people hating us, the insaniacs running our government sent drones to Yemen to attack a wedding, killing 13 people. I know, our government masters always fall back on the ridiculous explanation that those killed were terrorists, extremists, militants, Al-Qaeda or other such bad guys.

Here’s a question that would be asked in any court. Where’s the proof that those killed were terrorists? Were they wearing name tags? The very foundation of our Republic is based on innocent until proven guilty. Under this new paradigm, if anyone, in the government says those attacked were militants, then they are. Those making the accusation don’t even have to identify themselves.

I have also included an article on the continuing unrest in Pakistan due to the continuing attacks from these killing machines. During these drone campaigns, almost nothing good has been accomplished. Meanwhile, billions around the world have gone from admiration of the U.S. to hatred. That includes the nation of Pakistan, with over 100 nuclear weapons, delivery systems and a mutual defense treaty with China. Well done, America.

Faced with Anti-Drone Blockade Disrupting NATO Supply Route, US Warns Pakistan Aid Could Be Cut Off

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