TPP: Hollywood, Big Pharma and Global Think-Tanks ‘Merge’ in Trade Takeover

The Trilateral Commission is international and is intended to be the vehicle for multinational consolidation of the commercial and banking interests by seizing control of the political government of the United States. The Trilateral Commission represents a skillful, coordinated effort to seize control and consolidate the four centers of power — political, monetary, intellectual and ecclesiastical.”

– Senator Barry Goldwater, from his book ‘With No Apologies’

Shawn Helton
21st Century Wire

The technocrats of global think-tanks along with their corporate legion, appear to be ‘pulling the strings’ of  international trade law for new trade treaties (TPP and TTIP) and they’ve been using insiders from Hollywood and Big Pharma to gain a foothold on property rights in the future.

United States Trade  Representative, also known as USTR, is unmistakably involved with private industry and a part of a large effort looking  to expand the intellectual property of copyright and patent holders through the Trans Pacific Partnership trade deal that is currently in negotiation with 11 other Pacific Rim nations. The TPP  deal is said to have harsh regulatory laws on the books for those within the trade act as well as those on the outside of it.

USTR plays an important role in the TPP and throughout USTR’S history, many of their officials have taken high-profile positions in Hollywood, the pharmaceutical industry, record companies and technology based firms, all of which, have been stronger property rights.

In addition to USTR’s ties to industry giants, they’ve also been directly linked to the secretive think-tank known as The Trilateral Commission, having had 9 members appointed as head of USTR since 1977. This is of great significance in understanding who’s really been behind the scenes in the implementation of international trade treaties.

One only needs to look back to President Obama’s first days in office as he appointed some 11 members of  the secretive global think-tank, The Trilateral Commission to key positions within his supposedly “transparent” administration. This served to fully expose the sphere of influence held by the power-hungry group that was created in 1973 by David Rockefeller and perennial  foreign policy advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski. Most of the The Trilateral Commission’s members are from countries outside of the U.S.

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