Top 3 Facebook Timeline Apps

Facebook Timeline has just become mandatory for all users. You’ve had a week to preview your timeline and get it looking how you want, but have you discovered the new Timeline apps? These differ slightly to previous Facebook apps as they are designed to appear on user’s Timelines and be highly interactive. The apps are social so your actions appear on your Timeline and your friends’ Newsfeeds. This makes them great for sharing your interests with your friends. In this post we look at 3 of the best Facebook Apps you should start using with your new Timeline.


Whether you’re a chef in the making or like to experiment with food at the weekend, Yummly is great for finding new recipes. Not only can you upload your own recipes and search your friends’ recipes but you also have access to all publicly uploaded recipes. What sets Yummly apart from your celebrity cook book or other recipe sites is the search functionality. You can search by:

  • Ingredients  – fancy something with orange in?
  • Holiday — for the perfect Christmas cake.
  • Taste – crank up the ‘spicy’ level if you like your food hot!
  • Allergies — Find some great alternative recipes.
  • Diets — Great for vegetarians/vegans/pescatarians etc.
  • Nutrition — Use to stay clear of those fatty foods.
  • Time/Price — Short on time and money?
  • Courses — What sort of dish do you want to cook?
  • Cuisines — Dying for some Russian food?
  • Sources — Check out Martha Stewart’s recipes.

As you can see, the search function makes this app essential for all foodies. Whether you have a specific dish in mind or just want to find something tasty, Yummly is the perfect tool.

Words With Friends

For all you Scrabble lovers, Word With Friends is the popular Facebook/ Mobile crossover app for a virtual word game. Based loosely on Scrabble (different board and scoring but same principles), the app works on Facebook, Android and iPhone and is cross-compatible so you can use your iPhone to play someone on Facebook and vice versa. You can also continue a game you start on Facebook on your phone if you leave the house!

It’s an addictive game you can play against friends or against random opponents if your friends are getting annoyed with you winning all the time.

The Guardian

Newsreader apps are all the rage on Facebook at the moment with all of the top Newspapers providing their own versions. The app draws news articles from the publisher’s website and presents them on Facebook for browsing and sharing. However, unlike reading an article on the website where you have to click a button to share with friends, anything you read using the Facebook app automatically appears on your Timeline as a ‘…. Read…. ‘ box with a link to the article. You can see what your friends have been reading too.

One of the main problems with the newsreader apps is that they don’t show how old a story is so sensationalist stories from 5 years ago often get more coverage than new stories. You only find out it’s an old story once you’ve clicked on it, by which point the app has told all of your friends you are reading the article and it spreads. This means that the most popular articles are those with attention grabbing headlines. Either the app needs some work or news writers will have to make new headlines more appealing!

Why not try out the apps yourself? Cook a new dish, play some Scrabble without spending an hour looking for the missing ‘S’ and then catch up on the day’s news.

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