To Murder Peace with Drones. Assassinations Executed from Remote Computer Keyboards

On November 1, 2013, the CIA murdered Pakistani Taliban leader Hakimullah Mehsudand his entourage in a drone attack. A barrage of missiles left the bodies of the victims beyond recognition. The US government and broad swaths of the American populace celebrated.

This latest assassination is among the most blatant examples of the reality of US foreign policy. Pure criminal mass murder. Pure gangster violence on a global scale. Assassinations, executed with relish from remote computer keyboards. Routine drone murder.This is the present and future of imperial warfare.

What lays bare the criminal intent behind this diabolical and cowardly CIA act is that it destroyed a peace negotiation between the Pakistani government and the Pakistani Taliban that may have been on course to succeed. Peace poses a threat to the Anglo-American empire’s plans for perpetual war and chaos across the region. Peace threatens an agenda of regime changes, conquest, and oil and narcotics-related “business”.

The empire has no interest in peace on any piece of geography that it has targeted, unless this “peace” leaves the empire’s chosen assets in absolute control.

The Taliban is one of the many militant Islamic fronts that have been utilized for decades as both ally and foe by the Anglo-American powers. In this case, the Tehreek-e-Taliban finds itself on the “foe” side of the CIA’s list. Hakimullah Mehsud—who masterminded a 2009 attack on a CIA substation in Khost province in retribution for the CIA drone assassination of another Taliban leader, BeitullahMehsud—had a $5 million bounty on his head. The CIA loves military-intelligence “terrorist” cut-outs, until the day these militants fail to obey.

This cold-blooded killing has sparked international outrage and condemnation, and furious protests in Pakistan. No amount of falsehoods from Barack Obama or John Kerry can obscure the fact that murder is US foreign policy. They will violate the sovereignty of any nation to commit these atrocities.

Meanwhile within US borders, a dumbed-down populace, permanently afflicted with the 9/11 big lie, and brainwashed with a steady diet of pro-CIA and pro-war entertainment, is celebrating in infantile fashion how “we took out another bad guy”.

Mehsud’s successors are being chosen. The CIA, more powerful than it has ever been, will return to its keyboards and get them too.

Another low point in human history has been reached. And it is not over.

Source: Global Research