Time to Obey the Law Against War

JanStephen Cavanaugh

To: Honorable Barack Hussein Obama, President of the United States of America

Fr: JanStephen Cavanaugh, Ph.D., President, Global Human Development, Inc.

Re: Time to Live Up to Your Full Name, Time to Obey the Law against War

If ever there was a time in human history when a man could articulate a vision for the Age of Peace, you are that man. You were given a Nobel Prize for Peace in the hope of this long-held dream and prayer.

Now is the time for your grand gesture to history. With no political agenda other than to do what is best for the United States of America, God gave you your name for a good reason as east and west, north and south reach out in unity for justice. We are either going the confront the great challenges ahead, made worse by the wild card of rapid climate change, by choosing either the rule of war or the rule of law, the sword of war or the sword of justice. The sword we choose is the sword we live or die by. It is the time to put the sword of war to rest; it time for the sword of justice to rule. God made you a lawyer with this grand plan in mind.

Given the global and international legal development already in place and evolving, in due time the Age of Peace is a reachable goal.

I imagine you going to the United Nations and announcing that going forward the United States of America’s foreign policy is a Doctrine of Peace as spelled out in the Kellogg Briand Pact. With this pact already signed, the United States of America extends a hand of peace to help build the third level of global justice: rallying humanity to transform the United Nations into a World of Nations, with the hand-off from a United Nations to a World of Nations on September 21, 2020. And, seeing a “vision of the future and all the wonder that would be” (Tennyson’s “Locksley Hall”), help us set our sights on the Age of Peace, September 21, 2050, and a World of Peoples. Humanity committed to nonviolent resolution of the issues big and small.

A hundred and fifty years after the start of “The War to End All Wars”, humanity will have done it; humanity’s prayer for peace on earth will have come true.

You have at your doorstep the possibility of surpassing Alexander the Great in the legends of history, not in war but in law. A Doctrine of Peace, a World of Nations and a World of Peoples living in the Age of Peace, humanity will sing your praises through the ages. We are not talking utopia ” just a world without and beyond war ” probably as close to heaven on earth as we will get.

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