‘Three die in Libya’s Benghazi attacks’


Bystanders and residents gather next to the wreckage of a car at the site of a car bomb that exploded in the parking lot of a Benghazi hospital in Libya. (file photo)

One army officer and two police officers have been killed in separate attacks in Libya™s eastern city of Benghazi, a security official says.

œAir force Lieutenant Colonel Ali al-Daghani was killed when a device placed in his car exploded near a market,” Abdullah al-Zayedi, a spokesman for the security forces said on Sunday.

œA few meters (yards) away, police officer Nejib Bel Hacen al-Zwei died when a homemade bomb exploded in his car,” al-Zayedi added.

Another police officer was also shot dead outside his Benghazi home.

Military officers, soldiers, doctors, and judges have been targeted in a number of recent attacks in Libya.

On September 17, Imraja El-Uraibi, who was the head of a criminal investigations unit in Benghazi, lost his life after a bomb planted under his car went off in the restive city™s Salmani area.

On September 11, an explosion killed police colonel, Salem al-Orfi, in the Assalam neighborhood of the city.

On September 9, unidentified armed men attacked an army vehicle near the coastal city of Sirte, killing two soldiers and injuring a third one.

Last month, unknown gunmen killed Libyan army colonel, Mustafa al-Aguili, in a drive-by shooting in Benghazi.

Unknown assailants also shot dead a Libyan doctor, who hosted a television program on human development, in Benghazi, on August 9.

In February 2011, Libyans rose up against former dictator Muammar Gaddafi™s four-decade rule and deposed him in August, 2011. He was slain in his hometown of Sirte on October 20 of the same year.

The country™s popular uprising started in Benghazi.


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