The Best Ways to Use Pinterest For Your Website

Learning how to navigate the waters of social media can help to market your website, for free.

Taking advantage of Pinterest, one of the newest and most popular social networks can be a great way to get the word out and grow backlinks, as well as grow the readership for your website.

How can you use Pinterest to market your website?

1. Add a Pin-it Button to Images and Posts

Adding a button that can link up the picture with the website, allowing the user to pin the image to one of their boards increases the visibility of the post as the users feed will show up on the list of their friends. If enough people pin the image, the image will also show up on the popular list of pins. Rather than requiring the user to copy the link and directly post it through the Pinterest website, visitors are able to update their PInterest boards with the click of a button.

2. Create Boards for Your Website

Creating boards for the website that includes the images, tips, tricks and tools can get exposure for the images. Be sure to link the images back to the website for the best results. These images are going to show up in the network of readers of the site, friends on the Pinterest boards and eventually be shared throughout various networks increasing the reach of the images and posts, from one simple pin.

3. Use Eye Catching Images

Images that are eye catching, unique and bold are likely to be pinned compared with images that are created to be low quality and non-appealing to the eye. Use images that are easy on the eyes for Pinterest to increase the amount of people that have chosen to pin the image on to their own boards and therefore increase the reach of the post.

4. Add a Pinterest Feed to the Blog or Website

Adding the Pinterest feed to the blog or website that displays the activity of the user is an effective way to increase the exposure of the posts by increasing the exposure of the friends. Growing the network of friends and users on the Pinterest website is a great way to build the readership of the email list, or other social media networks as users are likely to click through and become fans and followers if the material being posted on Pinterest is appealing to them.

Pinterest is a great way to grow the business. Social media networks are ever changing and it seems every year there are new types of networks that have become the hot new place. Right now, thats Pinterest. With millions of users, business owners and website owners are able to share their products, tips and services through boards and pins.

Paula Greeley is a freelance writer with a particular interest for online marketing. She’s new to marketing but has already found a great interest in social media marketing, search marketing, and the latest in internet technology. Paula enjoys sharing her findings on blogs, websites, and on facebook.