Teenager arrested for Facebook post beaten up in prison

Things aren’t getting any better for a 19-year-old video gamer who has been locked up since March for the remarks he made over Facebook. The father of the teen now says his son is being beaten up while he waits to stand trial.

In an interview with National Public Radio that aired Wednesday,
Jack Carter said his son Justin has suffered countless injuries
since being locked up in a Texas detention
facility more than three months ago.

Without getting into the really nasty details, he’s had
concussions, black eyes, moved four times from base for his own
,” Jack Carter told NPR. “He’s been put in
solitary confinement, nude, for days on end because he’s
depressed. All of this is extremely traumatic to this kid. This
is a horrible experience

Prisoner abuse isn’t anything new, but the so-called crime that’s
left Justin Carter facing potentially eight years in prison could
be unprecedented. He’s been locked up without trial since late
March after authorities were alerted to a Facebook message that
Carter says he made in jest.

Only 18 at the time, Carter had just wrapped up session on the
online role-playing game “League of Legends” when he got into a
spat with a friend over Facebook. Speaking to KVUE news last
month, his father explained how what was supposed to be a
sarcastic remark posted publically ended up with an unexpected
jail stint.

Someone had said something to the effect of ‘Oh you’re
insane, you’re crazy, you’re messed up in the head
,’” he
called, “to which he replied ‘Oh yeah, I’m real messed up in
the head, I’m going to go shoot up a school full of kids and eat
their still, beating hearts

According to Carter, he ended the quip with “LOL” and “JK”–
Internet shorthand for “laugh out loud” and “just kidding,”
respectively. A witness to the conversation in Canada became
worried nonetheless and alerted the authorities, who then
arrested Carter and charged him with making a terroristic threat.
His bond was set at half-a-million-dollars and he spent more than
three months awaiting trial before hearings were scheduled to
start up earlier this week. According to NPR, Carter’s attorney
has had the start date moved back to July 16 to bring up abuse
complaints to try to get bond lowered.

Meanwhile, it hasn’t been a cushy time at Comal County Jail near
San Antonio. Speaking to CNN earlier this week, Jack Carter
described his son as “very depressed” and said “he’s
pretty much lost all hope

He’s very scared and he’s very concerned that he’s not going
to get out
,” Carter said.

Adding to NPR this week, the defendant’s father said his son has
been “suffering quite a bit of abuse” and is “really
” for making what they say was a sarcastic comment.

He just got caught up in the moment of the game and didn’t
think about the implications
,” Jack Carter told NPR.

A petition demanding Texas release Justin Carter from custody on
the website Change.org has so far accumulated more than 45,000

Republished with permission from: RT