Some Americans Abandon July 4 Celebrations Over “Outrageous” Security Measures


Checkpoints, bag searches, snitch hotline, all personal items banned: Happy Independence Day!

Paul Joseph Watson
July 3, 2013

Bostonians will face airport security-style measures if they wish to attend the city’s major annual July 4 event, with virtually all personal items being banned along with mandatory checkpoints, snitch hotlines and bag searches, begging the question — what “freedoms” are they supposed to be celebrating?

Image: Wikimedia Commons

After 4PM, revelers attending the annual Boston Pops Fireworks Spectacular at the Charles River Esplanade will be banned from bringing in any personal items whatsoever besides chairs, tarps, and blankets. Before that time mandatory bag searches at several checkpoints will take place and items including coolers with wheels, pre-mixed beverages, glass containers, any sharp objects and liquid containers over two liters will be confiscated. Attendees will also be forced to pass through metal detectors.

“They will not be allowed to grill, and all blankets, tents, and other items must be carried in see-through bags. Boaters on the Charles will have to stay 100 feet from shore and 1,000 feet from the fireworks barge; docks between the Massachusetts Avenue and Longfellow bridges will be closed; and any vessel in the waters off the Esplanade will not be allowed to move after 7 p.m., including kayaks, dinghies, and other small craft,”reports the Boston Globe.

National Guard troops will also on patrol, giving the event a martial law feel, and authorities have also worked with the Department of Homeland Security to set up a dedicated snitch line where citizens can report “suspicious activity”. Fireworks sellers across the country have also been told tokeep an eye out for buyers who “raise suspicion” by making suspicious political comments.

The security measures, introduced in the wake of April’s Marathon bombings, are so stifling that some who planned to attend the party have given up on July 4 altogether.

Bostonian Debra Glidden labeled the measures “outrageous,” telling the Globe, “If we can’t bring backpacks, it’s just not worth the hassle, I’d need a large bag to carry sweatshirts, drinks, snacks, sunscreen, cellphones, etc. I can’t imagine what someone with a child in diapers would do.”

Steve Cimbrelo has attended the Esplanade celebrations since he was a child but won’t be in attendance this year.

“They’re going overboard with security, I don’t know how you can go there for 12 hours bringing next to nothing,” said Cimbrelo, adding that the rules were “an ironic way to celebrate our independence.”

A myriad of other security precautions will also be in place.

– Numerous road closures around the venue which will prevent access to pedestrians or vehicular traffic.

– A “significant amount” of both uniformed and plain-clothes officers throughout the public transit system,” presumably including TSA agents, will perform extra patrols.

– An array of new surveillance cameras will provide “a set of eyes on a constant basis”.

– Double the usual number of police officers will be on patrol.

However, Boston is not the only city that will see draconian, un-American security procedures ruin what is supposed to be a celebration of liberty.

As Anthony Gucciardi details, “fireworks, drinks, grills, pets, sports, and just about everything else” have all been banned by the City of Lakewood in Ohio via a city ordinance which will also see police “conducting searches of bags and coolers for reasons of public safety.”

Similar measures will also be in place for anyone visiting the National Mall in Washington DC, where previous wooden fencing has been upgraded to chain-link fencing, which presumably will help attendees warm to the whole “prison” vibe.

All backpacks and other bags have also been banned in Atlanta.

If the terrorists’ goal is to extinguish freedom in America then July 4 is a perfect showcase of the fact that the terrorists have won.


Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for and Prison He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a host for Infowars Nightly News.

Republished with permission from: Infowars

  • Chris

    The government is at war with you, the people. You are their slaves for their imperialistic agenda. It’s all about control. 9/11 orchestrated by elements of government, was the impetus for the fascist coup that has taken over this country. It was planned decades in advanced and was carried out very slowly over time. Think of how the Nazi party came in to power in Germany. They use 9/11 as an excuse to take away our freedoms and spy on us in the name of protection and security. Yet, at the same time they can’t prevent terrorist attacks, they pretend to look for Osama, and they let Americans linger in these hellhole warzones for over a decade. The government is at war with YOU, THE PEOPLE!

  • Kenneth

    TRUE Americans. Time to stand up. The Boston bombers had been pointed out, and casually strolled through an ongoing bomb detection drill (anyone ever fired or punished for THAT?!) all these acts of “terrorism” end up with more questions and suspicions about the Government then you can shake a stick at ………………………

    • tom brown

      They have to put the pressure on to make the public yell “UNCLE” – the repression of a govt caught being totalitarian. The weather weapon HAARP used to be secret but by (stupid) overuse is now obvious to a simple person. 110 fahrenheit in the bay area? we are getting desert temps & lies about the true temp. I saw a page report 110 fah as 85 fah. doing it & lying is 24/7/365 they cannot not lie. they must lie about lying.

  • Fred

    My Friends and I will be celebrating Amerikas funeral on the 4th of July. Seems much
    more appropriate. I’m pretty much done with any large public gathering.

  • Monday, July 3, 2013
    Re: Independence Day – Peaceful Patriotic Mass Rally, USA

    On Independence Day over the July 4th weekend, there will be a ‘Peaceful Mass Rally’ of American Patriots in Washington, DC – and State and local communities across the nation – in spite of efforts by the ‘Jewish controlled media’ to misdirect and prevent the massive assembly of dedicated patriots from demonstrating national loyalty to the US Constitution.

    There is a national call for all officials and authorities in command, to rank and file members of the military, police and law enforcement, and all public officials – to ‘keep their Oaths’of allegiance to the US Constitution, and refuse any orders from authorities that would violate their pledge of loyalty to the United States.

    It is an opportunity for the rank and file members employed in ‘security forces’ to refuse illegal orders and expose those criminals in command – enemy combatants that have by nepotism been appointed to positions of power in a massive conspiracy to overthrow the government, military, financial, judicial and cultural institutions of the United States.

    Independence Day Mass Rally, USA honors the memory of the brave patriots of the first American Revolution, and supports a modern peaceful resistance movement against despotism and tyranny – by calling for all true Americans to act in solidarity – to unite in a state of mass consciousness that will inspire a national revolt against a psychopathic conspiracy that has by treason – overthrown the government by deceit, and by nepotism – secretly appointed treasonous officials to prominent positions of power in America – especially in the ‘news media’.

    These false officials and ‘journalists’ who violate their constitutional ‘Oaths’ as American citizens must resign or be removed from positions of authority – in order to restore the United States to a free democracy – and begin the renewal, revitalization and reconstruction of America; a nation once again dedicated to freedom and liberty, and a friend to all nations that join in the natural pursuit of happiness on Planet Earth.

    Therefore, rally around America on Independence Day.
    Take your car out for a drive and become a ‘drive-by honker’ – honk your horn in support of the Constitution whenever you see the American Flag being displayed.

  • carroll price

    I don’t know why anyone would bother celebrating July 4th, because the government our founding fathers created and established in 1776 was overthrown and replaced by the present government following the coup of 1862.