Social Media Strategies – How to Use Them Effectively

Social media strategies are part of a larger plan used for marketing any kind of business. Social media is also beneficial to individuals as it encourages social interaction. As much as we accept the fact that social media is a very powerful medium for building brand loyalty, we are not very sure about how effectively it can be put to use as it is quite a new concept.

If you are serious about achieving success in your field of expertise be it business, sports or academics, you need to plan a strategy in order to reach your goal. Likewise, social media strategies are the steps that you take to improve your personal reputation or build an effective business brand and increase positive customer response from both existing and prospective clients.

Benefits of social media for individuals

1. Enables conversation and interaction among like-minded individuals

2. Connects long lost friends

3. You can have your own personal page with your contact details and develop new friendships

4. Enables small text messages called wall-posts allowing your groups to participate in the conversation

5. In due course such contacts may even turn into your business partners

6. You can share your own pictures, videos

7. You can share links that lead to some special work of art by you or a friend with an idea of promoting it

8. You can invite all your friends to an event hosted by you by a single message on your page and also get to know how many people would be attending from their responses

9. When used properly, social media can help promotion of any product or service to the extent that you cannot even imagine. Such is the power of social media today.

In this age of the Internet, social networking has reached amazing proportions that there are very few people who do not enjoy the benefits it provides. is one of the best social media sites that helps you connect to as many individuals as you like. It is lively platforms that brings people together and have fun and also find like-minded friends. You can chat with them, upload your pictures and videos and create a name for yourself.

Benefits of social media for businesses

1. Cost-effective as most of the social media tools are either free or cost little

2. Helps in creating new business leads 3. Helps develop better relationship with existing customers 4. The existing customers will refer new customers for your business 5. You will be able to create a community of people who are interested in the products/services that you offer Popular social media sites

There are several social media platforms that are available online today. Facebook, Twitter and Youtube are popular among the masses as they have proved to be useful in many ways whether it is personal or business branding that you are aiming to develop. More and more new sites are also being created every day.

If you want to be an active part of a large community, sign up on It is free to join, create your profile, meet new people and enjoy life by interacting with them via free online chat rooms.

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Ludwing Hernandez, Social Media Especialist and full time web entrepeneur.