Snowden hopes to return to US

Snowdenâ„¢s lawyer says he might deserve an amnesty.

American whistleblower Edward Snowden hopes to return to the US months after disclosing classified information about National Security Agency spying programs, his lawyer said.

Snowden “hopes to come back to the United States,” Ben Wizner, Snowden’s legal adviser in the United States and head of the American Civil Liberties Union’s Project on Speech, Privacy and Technology, said on NBCâ„¢s Å“Meet the Press” on Sunday.

Wizner said he contacts Snowden Å“regularly over encrypted channels,” adding that the former NSA contractor might merit an amnesty.

“I think that this is one of those cases [worthy of an amnesty]. Mr. Snowden’s disclosures had been profoundly valuable to the country and the world. They’ve really changed the whole debate here, and I also think that there is much that the United States could gain through conversation with him,” Wizner said.

Snowden is pleased his act of leaking confidential documents about US surveillance programs. He was quoted in a recent article by The Washington Post as saying, “I won, and mission accomplished.” But the lawyer said Snowden did not really mean that he reached his objective.

Å“He didnâ„¢t mean the mission was accomplished. What he meant was that what he had set out to do was bring the American public into the conversation, to bring the federal courts into the conversation, to bring the whole Congress into the conversation. He did his part. It’s now up to the public and our institutional oversight to decide how to respond,” Winzer noted.

Snowden currently lives in Russia where he has been granted a temporary asylum. The US has revoked his passport and demanded he be sent home from Russia to face charges of stealing secrets and espionage.


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Source: Press TV