Shock Video: U.S. Marshals Shoot Unarmed Man then Seize Cameras from Witnesses


As Albuquerque residents take to the streets to protest against the ongoing slayings of citizens by their local police department, federal agents got into the act by opening fire on an unarmed man Tuesday morning, then seizing cameras from witnesses.

But more citizens with cameras arrived on the scene as a group of U.S. Marshals stood around the victim, Gilberto Angelo Serrano, proving unafraid to voice their displeasure at the trigger-happy culture that apparently has seeped into all levels of law enforcement in Albuquerque.

Realizing they were outnumbered by cameras, the U.S. Marshals could only ask people to stand back, not bothering to try and stop them from recording as they tried to wrap a bandage around the head of the man they had just shot, who was laying on the sidewalk bleeding.

WARNING: Graphic footage and language.

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  • Hank

    I wonder how all these “brave” law enforcement personnel would feel if they were in the shoes of the people being shot, or one of their loved ones was. This open season on citizens by trigger-happy “police” is ridiculous in my book. With the technology today at man’s disposal, do you think some police force will eventually start using ammo that incapacitates a person instead of killing him? All of the money going into a federal budget that augments killing and wars and not a cent towards developing this kind of “humanitarian” bullet? What s happening is not only the unreasonable use of lethal ordinance against American citizens by law personnel who have been filtered and screened through several criteria, including the use of deadly force against fellow citizens and apparently a moronic perception about who the “bad guys” actually are!

  • George Miinor

    Another Wyatt Earp chasing his day at OK Corral. It’s in the white boy gene.

  • Michael E

    Well they always called it the wild west, and that is exactly what the US is. They employ people with such low intelligence that they cannot reason or think for themselves; you might as well use cyborgs.