Scientists seek to predict earthquake

Scientists across the world are working together to improve earthquake forecasting systems in order to reduce the time needed to warn people of the upcoming disaster, press TV reports.

Experts from across the world are working together and sharing data to pave the way for further discoveries in the field of seismology. They believe although the available technologies are expensive, the lives and properties they can save is priceless.

Å“We can share our latest technologies with anybody who is interested in and finds that our forecasting system can work for them. Around the world there is enough data to predict over 600 earthquakes but none of them are hundred per cent guaranteed,” said Alexey Zavyalov president of European seismological commission.

China is one of the leading countries, pushing itself towards developing a forecasting system. In April, China experienced one of the deadliest earthquakes in which nearly 200 people were killed.

In Russia, where seismic records have only existed for 60 years, scientists have been working on the technologies to improve their methods to cope with earthquakes.

Alexander Bubis, the director of Earthquake Engineering Research Center, told Press TV that Å“We work on buildings that can withstand the force of an earthquake. We use the latest technology, seismic isolation and construction solutions using special built-in elements. Russian winter Olympic site in Sochi has this protection against seismic activity installed.”

According to the statistics, more than fifty earthquakes of magnitude of 6 and above have killed a large number of people and destroyed many homes across the globe since the beginning of this year.


This article originally appeared on : Press TV