San Francisco police beat up residents

Police officers are seen holding batons in the video of SF police beating residents.

Americans in the US city of San Francisco are planning a protest against police brutality after video footage that went viral on the Internet this week showed San Francisco police officers beating community residents.

The video footage shows multiple arrests that allegedly started when a plainclothes officer stopped 20-year-old D�™Paris �œDJ” William for riding his bike on the sidewalk, RT reported.

William was riding his bike at Valencia Gardens apartments, had his headphones on listening to music and did not hear the police command, according to his family. He kept riding his bike and the police stopped him before entering his house.

William was forced to the ground by officers, by what his sister Christina believes to be use of excessive force on a man that was just trying to go into his house.

�œOne choking him, one pinned all his weight on him, leaning on him and the lady over there trying to put the handcuffs on him,” she told the local KPIX station. �œAnd he started beating on him for no reason.”

As William was pinned to the ground and beaten, many residents came out of their homes to stop the officers. More officers arrived at the scene, as the situation escalated for a few minutes before some others were beaten and arrested by the officers who had taken control of the entire street.

�œClearly something not right is happening here,” Travis Jensen, the man who posted the video on YouTube and knows William, said to KPIX. �œPeople don�™t get that upset for no reason. They were upset because they were seeing DJ getting beaten.”

The Williams family is holding a protest at Valencia Gardens at 5 p.m. on Tuesday, for what they call �œJustice for D�™Paris Williams and all victims of police brutality.”


Source: Press TV