Salmond raps ‘remote’ British govt.

Scottish First Minister and SNP leader Alex Salmond said a Yes vote and an independent Scotland means the country will no longer be under a œbad”, œremote” Westminster government.

Addressing pro-independence campaigners in Edinburgh, Salmond said a Yes vote next September will not only be the SNP and campaigners™ victory but it would more importantly be a victory for Scottish people.

œ[A] Yes [vote] will be act of self-confidence and self-assertion which will mean that decisions about what happens in Scotland are always taken by the people who live and work here – not by a remote Westminster system,” Scotland™s First Minister said.

œA Yes vote is for self-government, not remote government – good government with independence, not bad government from Westminster,” he added.

Salmond also pledged his government would keep Royal Mail in public hands, abolish the bedroom tax, and scrap nuclear weapons in case of a Yes vote in next year™s referendum.

Yes Scotland chief executive Blair Jenkins also told the crowd that an independent Scotland will give Scottish people the ability to make their country a better place to live in.

He also asked people to think about consequences of both a No vote and a Yes vote.

œThe biggest prize from a Yes next year is not that we will never again have Tory governments we didn’t vote for – important though that is for the well-being of our society,” Jenkins said.

Various campaigning organizations, including politicians, farmers and football groups, took part in the pro-independence rally in the capital today.

According to organizers, between 20,000 and 30,000 people joined the event.

British Prime Minister David Cameron and Alex Salmond signed an agreement to hold a referendum in 2014 on Scottish independence, which could result in breaking up of the UK after 300 years.


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