Russia protects sovereignty by Glonass

Russia�™s Glonass, Global Navigation Satellite System, has been met with deep suspicion on Capitol Hill.

An American intelligence expert says the Russians should not be blamed for wanting to run their own Global Navigation Satellite System (Glonass) as they are trying to protect their own �œsovereignty” against the American-British spying empire.

�œI don�™t blame them,” Scott Rickard, activist and former American Intelligence linguist, said in a phone interview with Press TV. Russians are just �œtrying their best” to technologically �œprotect their sovereignty,” he added.

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the Pentagon have been waging a campaign to prevent a major Russian space agency from building what they perceive to be spying structures on US soil.

�œI�™m sure the American�™s find that to be … potentially dangerous,” for the Russians to deploy a competitive GPS satellite system around the world, Rickard said, �œbecause GPS systems are used for guiding smart intelligent weaponry to their targets” and since the Americans control the GPS system around the world, �œthose particular components could be thrown off by manipulating the GPS system”.

American intelligence and military officials have been calling on the US State Department to stop allowing Russia�™s Roscosmos to build �œmonitor stations” on US soil for fears they could help Moscow spy on the United States, The New York Times reported, citing several American officials.

Russia has rejected the structures have anything to do with surveillance operations, contending they are designed to improve the accuracy of the country�™s version of the Global Positioning System (GPS), the American satellite network that steers guided missiles to their targets and helps passengers with navigation.

The relations between Russia and the US took a severe hit in August when Moscow granted temporary asylum to American fugitive Edward Snowden who disclosed Washington�™s global surveillance programs.

Russia�™s global positioning network has also been met with deep suspicion on Capitol Hill.


Source: Press TV