Quebec police beat native man brutally

A video has emerged showing two Quebec police officers beating an indigenous man on July 16, 2013.

A video showing two Quebec police officers beating an indigenous man has sparked anger among First Nations communities.

The video, which emerged on Thursday, was shot through a car window two days earlier in the First Nations community of Unamen Shipu.

The footage shows Norbert Mestenapeo, 24, being beaten repetitively by two officers wearing Quebec police uniforms with a baton as well as with their fists.

At one point, the officers lift Mestenapeo up to a standing position, only to throw him to the ground and continue the assault. Throughout the incident, Mestenapeo did not appear to resist.

Raymond Bellefleur, the Innu Council Chief of Unamen Shipu, said, Å“Itâ„¢s unacceptable.”

Å“In my community, we are a peace-loving people,” said Bellefleur and added, Å“Our elders are frightened, and our youths and women are terrified by police brutality. That has to stop now.”

Relatives of the beaten man said the attack left Mestenapeo with 12 stitches across his forehead.

Police assaulted Mestenapeo after he argued with the officers over an arrest warrant.

First Nations communities like Unamen Shipu have been patrolled by the provincial police force since 2008.

After the incident, the Assembly of the First Nations of Quebec and Labrador called for the return of its local police force.

Å“If this issue of police violence is not looked after or resolved, some of our chiefs have certainly indicated they’re looking at the possibility of shutting the door to the SQ (Quebec Provincial Police),” said Ghislain Picard regional chief of Assembly of First Nations.


Republished with permission from: Press TV